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Waka Chicka Waka

Starring Alex Demeroutis, Amy Crater, and Isaac Muir

Waka Chicka Waka borrows the set up and aesthetics from a 1970s porno and takes it in a surreal, horrific, and hilarious direction.

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Waka Chicka Waka has won the following awards: 

Best Sci Fi at the 2023 Apex Film Festival 

Best Dark Comedy at the 2023 Austin Micro Film Festival. 

Waka Chicka Waka was nominated for the following awards:

Best Arizona Short at the 2023 Horrorigins
Best Horror Comedy and Best Kill at the 2023 HorrorFest International

Best Midnight/WTF Short and Best Micro Short at the 2023 GENREBLAST

Best Horror Comedy Short at the 2023 Nightmares Film Festival

Other screenings include:

Fear No Film 2023 In Salt Lake City, Utah

B Beside The Seaside 2023 In Merseyside, England

Arizona Sunburn Film Festival 2023 In Tucson, Arizona

Tromadance Film Festival 2023 in New York City, New York

Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival 2023

PEEPHOLE FILMFEST 2023 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Dark Red Film Festival 2023 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest 2023 in Torino, Italy

More screenings to come.

Waka Chicka Waka Teaser

Waka Chicka Waka Teaser

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